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"You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation"
--Brigham Young

Abbasi Charitable & Educational Society has been working among downtrodden, neglected, destitute and weaker sections from more than a decade on all India basis zooming Amroha for elaborated activities but it was registered on March18, 1998. This was the day when the founders of the society took a Pledge to dedicate best of their energies to achieve the objective of the society. And, as the Primary goal, and dream of the founder Mr. M.N.Abbasi.NayabAbbasi Girls PG College came into existence.

NayabAbbasi Girls PG College came into being as the dream Project of Mr. M.N.Abbasi, President of the society. The full-fledged association of the Patrons, Parents, and Guardian of students and intellectuals has proved that NAGPGC enjoys the confidence, love, affection and personal attachment of the level of no comparison.

NAGPGC is the educational institution with a difference. It is not only a PG college for girls but it is the only college in the district with multiple dimensions. It is developing as multiple educational centers wherein a series of projects are about to take place, which shall provide socio-educational guidance and opportunities to the students of the college as well as other weaker section of the society. It is clear like crystal in the minds of the management of the college that the preservation of environment is a value, which along with certain other values must form an integral part of curricula at all stages of education.

To operationalize this noble objective, the mind and intellect of the students must be sensitized to the hazards inherent in nature upsetting the ecological balance in nature. This step inculcates awareness and respect among students for basic concepts relating to the conservation of environment. With this, NAGPGC envisaged a new style of growth with identification and developments of talented, bright and gifted youths predominantly form rural areas that may otherwise be denied good educational opportunities. Efforts are made to ensure all round development of the personality.

In the vast piece of 107 Bighas of land, a beautiful and magnificent college building has been erected, surrounded by Mango orchard, exactly on the pattern of “Shanti Niketan”.
Which is an exciting world of knowledge, activity and creativity in itself. There is a constant effort through varied extracurricular activities in the field of art, culture, sports and other mega events to provide an opportunity for exposure of the original and natural talents.

Emphasis is also to promote national integration through genuine discourse and develop an understanding of the diversity and plurality of the country’s people, their language and culture. “Education is not an option but a global necessity for growth and development of human civilization” is the magic mantra of the founder of the college Mr. M.N.Abbasi which has worked as a formula in the educational sector in the district of Amroha. We have won the title of university championship in women wing in 2004-05 and 2005-06 and finished second at university level in both boys and girls.
Our group consisted only five girls who won the titles.

Our motto is to take a successful journey in the field of education