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The campus of the college is the center for various activities including sports, culture, creativity, interaction and quiz training in addition to the activities related to National service scheme (NSS). It is a general observation that the students are engaged in playing carom or table tennis or in the badminton .one may find a group of girls busy in the grand library.

Students Common Room:
The common room of the students is always charged with a coffee house atmosphere of course with a free smoking zone .The students, there, may be found chatting on socio- political issues concerning the country or the whole world.

Gandhian Centre:
Group of volunteers associated with the Gandhian Centre may be found busy in working out the plans to go for the mass contact programme, which is part of the centers programme similarly it is the case with health Centre of the college.

Health Centre:
At Nayab Abbasi Girls PG College we ensure that the students are healthy and comfortable and in order to do so, we organize medical camps and workshops at regular intervals.
Nayab Abbasi Girls PG College has setup medical support arrangements for the students at campus. The College takes good care of all the students and everybody who is associated with the College. Hence apart from providing a hygienic and clean atmosphere it also provides regular medical checkups. This ensures the safe and sound health of everyone and also keeps the environment clean and healthy.

At Nayab Abbasi Girls PG College we organize vaccination camps and health checkups to ensure that our students are healthy. We consider it our responsibility to make sure that the students are health conscious and well informed about basic hygiene and healthcare. These camps regularly update the students about the new and effective vaccinations and medicines that are introduced in the market to keep them healthy. A regular discussion over hygiene and healthy surrounding helps the students imbibe character that prevents them to get infected from various diseases.

The set ups include:???

  • First Aid arrangements
  • Proper Hygiene
  • Medical Camps
  • Medical Checkups, et

Quiz Committee:
The liveliness of the campus is reincarnated through the hot discussions of the quiz and oratorical competition group. The students of our college do participate on regular basis in the inter college competitions not only in the district but also in the state as well.

Culture Centre:
In order to identify the hidden talent among the students, in the beginning of every academic year, the college conducts a Talent Search wherein students are encouraged to perform on the stage. The talented students are chosen and trained to participate in various intra / inter College events and competitions like ‘Youth Festival’ .Every year the College also organizes a grand cultural show of performing arts.
This is the Centre, which has developed international relation s with different universities and colleges of the world under the cultural exchange programme.

Under the National Service Scheme a series of short-term social service programmes are designed and implemented. The NSS team has contributed a lot in the implementation of various programmes in association with other non-governmental organizations (NGO's) working in the Amroha district The large number of participation by the students in NSS marks the success of the scheme.

Sports Cell
The sports cell of the college has achieved remarkably success in the field of sports. A group of talented students have proved to be the best on the state and country level both. The representation of the state by our students has brought pride and honor to the institution. One of our students stood seventh in the national athletic competition during the year 2002-2003. Our overall outlooks are to promote sport activities in the college to the all-possible extent.

College Cafeterias
Nayab Abbasi Girls PG College ensures that the students are given a comfort level at par with international standards. The College under the foundation provides all essential facilities including spacious and hygienic cafeterias where the students can take a break from the long classroom schedules. The cafeterias have made sure of providing food and snacks to every student at cheap rates so that it doesn’t become a burden for a student to carry their lunchboxes everyday with them. The students in the cafeteria are served with all kinds of food whether small snacks or proper meal.

Considering the students who are living in hostels the cafeterias open early and close late. All the cafeterias also serve hot and cold drinks all the time at minimum cost. The cafeterias are also frequently cleaned and use all hygienic methods to prepare and serve food so that student health is not put at stake in any form.

At Nayab Abbasi Girls PG College we believe that the books are the greatest friends and an endless source of wisdom, therefore we have constructed spacious libraries that have numerous books on all the disciplines.

These libraries have adequate seating arrangements and students can spend hours here and take benefit of the calm atmosphere to gather knowledge. The books available in our library encompass vast knowledge from across the world on all the subjects like humanities, science, technology, fiction, non-fiction, etc. We also keep research papers, journals and dissertations that guide other aspiring researchers in their academic pursuits.

Nayab Abbasi Girls PG College is respectable name in the education sector of the country and this fame is due to the fact that it gives major thrust on ensuring that its students have best of academics that combines both theoretical knowledge and practical analysis.
The foundation has constructed many laboratories well incorporated with advanced equipment to help students in conducting practical experiments for both technical and non-technical subjects such as science and humanities.
In addition to this, we have highly sophisticated computer labs to manage the general purpose computing needs of all kinds of programs. By keeping track on the latest technological development we keep on updating the quality of devices installed in these up-to date laboratories.

Computer Labs :

Nayab Abbasi Girls PG College has set up computer laboratories and these labs are fully equipped with modern IT infrastructure.

The students have the facility to be assigned individual computers and access internet and other applications. The students have all the authority to access internet in their leisure time under the surveillance of the computer lab assistants to explore and learn more about their curriculum or anything that is informative.
This helps students learn and gain more knowledge apart from books and lectures of the teachers. This creates passion among them for grabbing knowledge by themselves which in turn makes them satisfied and more confident.

At Nayab Abbasi Girls PG College , we understand the importance of computing in the modern day world and hence we provide the students with computer based education at every stage of learning, from schooling to higher studies.